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I am an entrepreneur looking to bring a change in the lives of people. Learning a lot of lessons from my life experiences, I have chosen the path of entrepreneurship to let new ideas sprout and nurture. While I am aiming to achieve something big, I duly abide by my responsibility towards the society and making the world a better place.

My Story

I was born on January 9, 1984 in New Delhi, India. My childhood was not so plain and colourful as most of the privileged middle-class kids. We were not financially strong but my father sowed the seeds of a bright future by providing us(we are four brothers) education. Life was quite steady until I lost my father unexpectedly when I was 17. Being a novice and broken from within, I had no other choice but to support my family by any means I could. So I started working as a construction labour. I worked there for one and half year, until I found a better job as a waiter in a restaurant where I worked for a couple of years. While all this was happening, I had a keen interest in computers and software. Being anxiously hungry for knowledge, I also spared some time from my rigorous schedule to learn about computers and software. All this was a mysterious case of curiosity, which I bet I hadn’t expected to be my initial career path.

The Corporate Life

After completing my Bachelor of Commerce from Delhi University in 2001, I took a job as a teacher in a local school, meanwhile taking some professional software courses from local training institutes. My first breakthrough came in 2002, when I was hired as a DTP operator by a company based in New Delhi. From a simple office executive, to a team leader and manager, I stepped ahead to the heights of my career. These years of my life imparted me with so much experience in multiple fields to make me a well known expert on nothing.

Entrepreneurship, A New Life

Since childhood,I had always dreamt of becoming a successful person in my life. Chaining 9-5 jobs were not my cup of tea. I didn’t want to dig a well, every time I felt thirsty. I wanted to set up a business which should allow me to take decisions, carve ideas and create something innovative. After some pondering, advices and discussion I decided to quit my job to start a new company with my childhood friend Max, in 2008. I knew one day it will all make sense, and all I wanted was the courage to take the decision. And, the outcome was, Intense Interactive - A digital development agency which has stood strong over the past 10 years.

A Mad Man’s Life + Intense Interactive

I had been an ambitious bloke since childhood. I wanted to have my own rules, and a ton of money so I could buy anything I need. Intense Interactive gave me the platform to execute my technical and managerial skills to my benefits. Along our way, we inducted many talented people into our company, which left me fascinated about the complexity of humans. Everybody had a different idea, different perspective and a different image. Our business was thriving, and it still is. With more than 500 clients, and 2000+ projects delivered till date, intense interactive earned me money, experience, fame in my industry and most of all a nice caring team of people proud of their values and culture. We’re 20 strong and growing - with miles to go in the future.

Living the Dream + Cost, Today

As I already said, I am an ambitious person. With time passing by, we realized that we were not content by our efforts with Intense Interactive. Projects were rolling in, revenues skyrocketing and the clients were happier than ever. But there was still something missing. Our innovative and creative ideas were no match for this conventional business setup we had. We can always keep the ball rolling at intense interactive, but there’s rather something priceless than money. That’s living your dream. I wanted to shift my operations from being a ‘grab ‘n eat’ business to a large scale service provider. This resulted in me becoming a venture capitalist. With several successful and failed startups, I am now moving ahead on the path of entrepreneurship, vying to bring a change in the lives of people.

The Future

Work is glory, everything else is theory. I believe in the same concept. The world today is more depressed and deprived than ever before. I want myself to be known as a person who loves to spread positivity and happiness in a negative and cynical world. Innovative ideas sprout everyday in the mind of people. I now strive to manifest these innovative ideas into reality with my ventures and startups.


History, Present and Future.

Hi, my name is Kishore. I’m into Strategic Consulting, including business plan, sales strategy development, brand development, growth, website UI and advertising revenue optimization.

My Favorite Quote: Keep your dreams alive, to achieve anything requires hard work, persistence and common sense. above all, love. :)

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What I'm Proficient At


Being an investor, I love helping startups as well as creating my own ones. A nice idea should be implemented and brought to life. Since I'm looking to bring a change in the lives of people, I make sure great ideas manifest.


I'm not really boasting, but seriously. I've never had a dissatisfied design and development client. From PHP to iOS, I can design and develop the most stupendous websites and apps. My passionate approach towards design and my belief of “work is worship” makes me invincible at it.


A candle loses nothing, by lighting another's candle. I also train candidates enthusiastic about learning design and web development. Helping them to build their career in this industry. I have trained more than 500+ designers, with almost 99% of them working in the industry’s top companies.


I was not really into marketing initially, but working with hundreds of international clients over the years taught me this art as well. Launching my own venture inclined me towards digital marketing. I help people in establishing the identity of their business. Through offline as well as online mediums. My branding process is unique and result oriented. No doubt, it has earned me a lot of great clients.





    Delhi University 2002.

    I graduated as a Bachelor of Commerce, from the prestigious Delhi University in 2002. My education gained as a commerce student, helped in understanding the commercial and marketing aspects of the industry. Especially with my startup ventures and branding services.


  • Co-Founder & CEO

    Just Jobs Internet Services Private Limited

    August 2016 - Present (1 Years 3 Months)

    My next step as a collaboration to the society. The idea sprouted in my mind after I experienced the difficulties of people seeking entry level jobs. I wanted to create a simple, intuitive and helpful platform for the informal job sector. Just Jobs portal provides an amazing platform for people looking to employ unskilled or skilled labor. Since its inception, the platform has helped more than 11,000 companies hire employees successfully.

  • Co-Founder & CEO

    Intense Interactive Private Limited

    December 2008 - Present (8 Years 11 Months)

    My first step to relinquish the 9 to 5 circle. I was always fascinated by the idea of starting a company because my 9-5 could only feed my belly, but not my dreams. With all my might and courage, I promulgated my first company in 2008 -Intense Interactive. It is a digital development & marketing agency pioneering in Web development, UI/UX development, App Development and Search Engine Optimization.

  • Designer, Teacher & Manager

    At Multiple IT Companies

    July 2002 - November 2008 (6 Years 4 Months)

    After completing my degree, I worked as a teacher for an year. Since I had been learning about computers and software in my spare time, I decided to pursue my interest towards design and development. After some formal training, I was inducted as a junior designer at a firm where I created visiting cards at 15-20 designs per day. I worked in the roles of a designer, team leader and a manager in the later years of my employed career.

  • Various Odd Jobs

    Various Companies & People

    April 1999 - June 2002 (3 Years 1 Months)

    After completing plus 2 I began earning and studying simultaneously. I worked as a mason, waiter and in several other roles. My first job was to be inducted as a graphic designer in a designing firm, which emanated a dedicated professional out of me. I worked in the roles of a designer, and a manager in the later years of my job, learning some of the best lessons of my life.


Things I'm proficient in.


UX/UI Design


Product Management

Digital Marketing

Strategic Consulting


What I've Created So Far.

  • Just Jobs Internet Services Pvt. Ltd.

    #1 Web App In India For Entry Level Jobs

  • Xoxo Tours LLC

    The Traveller's Social Network

  • IPWT

    Finest Institute in Delhi for UI Design & Front End Development

  • Intense Interactive Pvt. Ltd.

    Leading UI, Mobile App and Web Designers in New Delhi

  • Quiet Clothing

    Plain is The New Trend

  • Global Jobs Network LLC

    Consolidated Job Portal for Professionals

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